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  •         Zhejiang Su Ming Valve Co., Ltd. was founded in 1991, is located in the southeast coast of Zhejiang Gold Coast, "China Valve Capital" - Yuhuan. Is a set of design, development, production and marketing, low-valve, plumbing ware, pipe fittings and PP-R, PE-RT pipe, pipe fittings as one of the low-carbon environment-friendly professional well-known enterprises. Company operating construction area of 26000 m2, with all kinds of professionals and R & D and technical personnel more than 30 people.... MORE

  • The spirit of enterprise: the pursuit of excellence challenges the future hard work innovation self-improvement
    Enterprise Mission: Quality First, the supremacy of customers commitment to striving for brand names
    Business philosophy: quality of survival technology and development to serve the credibility of management for efficiency
    The user promises: reliable quality and reasonable price excellent service constantly innovate everything for the user MORE

  • Throughout the sales, technical staff and agents, from the previous sales and after-sales service to provide maintenance through-train service, so that you and our professional products and technology really blend, to achieve a good user experience.
    365 days 24 hours a day after-sales service allows you to truly feel "buy rest assured peace of mind"!
    Our after-sales service team will be your full product quality and use of after-sales service...

Enterprise honor

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400-616-9898 QQ:675159902
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